World Class Sails Developed Specifically For Your Yacht

Sails with IQ

Sail IQ uses precise (real-world) measurements, cutting edge modelling platforms and more than 30 years of sail-making experience to create competely bespoke sails for your yacht.

We’re able to deliver this design and manufacture in a process-driven way, which gives you the best possible product, and an efficient easy to manage experience.

The end result are sails that are able to be trimmed properly, allowing your boat to perform at the upper limits of it’s design while still offering the durability to outlast our competitors, at a competitive price.

Sail IQ Racing Sails

Racing Sails

Building the right racing wardrobe is about crafting the sails to your boat and program’s particular needs.

In simple terms, more advanced fabrics and membranes are able to offer you as the skipper the ability to turn your trim to a broader range of conditions, driving the maximum performance from your boat across your polars.

Getting the design balance of performance and durability, dialled into the possibilities and contraints of your rig is the secret to finding the wardrobe that’s going to work for you, and to do that well we take a completely custom approach.

We work best with 30-50 foot yachts that may have had cookie cutter sails from the larger lofts in the past, and are ready for something they can get a little more out of.  This is the part of the fleet where we can have the best impact on ultimate boat speed.

Cruising Sails

Sail IQ cruising sails are built for adventure and engineered to last.  But that doesn’t mean we believe in a one-size fits-all approach to cruising and delivery wardrobes.  We put the same degree of care and design into all our Sail IQ sails.

Whether you’re gearing up to circumnavigate, or want something to cruise your local coastline, we apply the same fit-for-purpose design principals so you’ll have a wardrobe that lets you get out on the water with real peace of mind. 

Sail Service & Maintenance

At IQ service only the hands and minds of experienced tradespeople will work on your job, an obligation free assessment of the service work can be provided.  You will also have access to a pickup and delivery service if needed.

Sail Design

Design is not just a look or the latest fashion. Design is how it works. At Sail IQ we have the latest design tools but we coincider our mindset to be our greatest tool, it’s the way we design and the way we engineer that sets us apart.